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Love and Relationships

Nourish your relationships

Find a partner




Projects and Bussines

Stop consuming. Start creating by bringing your offers to the world.

Align your gifts with what your tribe needs.

Awake your creativity.

Team up with time and energy and connect with your biorhythm.

Erotic Mother

Women that want to feel more wild and at ease.

Connect to your inner power.

Connect with your feminity and masculinity.

Express your erotic nature.

Heal your sexuality and your moon.

Release jealousy and feel the support of your community.

Create a sustainable relationship with the earth.

Personal growth

Anxiety, Stress and Trauma


Abuse and Sexual trauma



Queralt Jorba (Lina)


Systemic Coach

Dance Movement Psychotherapist


I work as a life coach for brave humans, artists and organizations with values that want to make a greater impact on the world.

My psychology lives in the body and connects to the spiritual wisdom. My dance emphasis the experience more than the form and the awareness as a starting point for the change.

I collaborate in different public and private organizations sharing my knowledge from a somatic perspective. I’m the mother of two lovely kids and we live with my beloved near Barcelona where we are co-funding an intentional community.

My intention is to find ourselves with presence and practicality in what we do and accompanying you to share your unique gifts in the community.

“The doing emanates form being. The being expresses itself through the doing.”

Embody the change

You have been preparing for this. It’s time. Together we rise.

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